In a democratic society, each citizen has an important responsibility to contribute to that society and subsequently help lead to the creation of a greater whole, known as our nation. The first step and obligation of our educational system is to develop student competence in addressing the responsibilities and challenges of “the office of citizen.”


It is an essential standard of education that students recognize, assess, and analyze the role of governance in our community, state and nation.  R-7 VOTES is a program that helps students achieve this standard.  With the upcoming elections this year, students will be able to witness first-hand the political process of electing the leaders of our various levels of government.  R-7 VOTES will help students comprehend the selection process of executive, legislative and judicial leaders within the local, state and federal governments.  In turn, this will help students recognize the important roles and functions of the three branches of government, separation of powers and the responsibility of citizenship. This is a non-partisan educational program that does not endorse any political party, candidate or ballot issue.


With proficiency in these areas, the student will achieve development of critical thinking skills and decision making vital to the exercise and participation, as citizen, in our democratic society.  

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